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Persuasive arguments

  • Fire protection E30 to E120(G30)

  • Smoke protection Sm(RS1,RS2)

  • Protection against burglaries,explosions and bullets

  • 2 mm wall thickness guarantees:

    -maximum service life

    -Extreme load bearing capacity

    -Good weldability

    -secure screw connections

  • Round arch constructions

  • Up to 8 different face widths can be chosen according to your requirements

  • coordinated accessories and system components


VA-FORM profiles have been used successfully in various areas – especially door and portal manufacture -for decades.

The steel's properties guarantee resistance to break-ins and bullets, Solutions can be found for smoke and fire protection as well as blast resistance even when using simple lock designs.

Smoke and fire protection construction are tested in accordance to the newest European standards in categories E 30, E 60,E90 and E the case of single-leaf doors, it is possible to implement opening clearances up of double-leaf doors, it is possible to implement opening clearances up to 3.3m width resp 3.4 m height. Of course, doors are tested for durability of the highest category(C5=200000 opening cycles).

Doors are also tested for smoke density of category Sm with extremely positive results.

Overall, smoke and fire protection doors meet the highest requirements in their category.

The aesthetic wishes of our customers can be fulfilled by combining VA system profiles with glass and/or panel filings or even with narrow sight lines.