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Persuasive arguments

  • Fire protection El30 , El(F 30K T30)
  • Smoke protection Sm (RS1,RS2)
  • protection against burglaries, explosions and bullets



Form and aesthetic quality are key elements which have placed VA-FIRE protection profiles at the top of the category “attractive” steel: narrow sight lines in combination with absolute, minimal depth.

Visually, VA-FIRE profiles are identical to VA-FORM profiles, allowing for a simple finishing process.

The same profiles are used for fire protection of both 30 and 60 minutes.

In the case of single-leaf doors, it is possible to execute opening clearances up to 1.6m width resp.3.3m height. Double-leaf doors may have an opening clearance up to 3.0m width resp.3.0 m height.

Fire protection doors made from profiles by voestalpine krems meet the highest requirements in respect of durability (C5=200,000 opening cycle)and smoke density(Sm)