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MB-45D partition system is intended for producing partition walls with smoke exhaust single- or double-leaf
doors with a class of Sm and Sa according to the PN-EN 13501-2 standard. Its construction is based on the
elements of internal partitions of the MB-45 system. Proper performance of the smoke-tightness function is conditioned by the correct application of the leaf peripheral sealings, rear glazing and other fillings as well as the application of threshold seals.


Smoke exhaust windows play a particular role in ensuring safety and comfort for the people staying in the building. When properly selected, they are the elements
of gravity ventilation, and when necessary they can help to quickly get rid of smoke & toxic vapours which can be hazardous to health or worse.

The offer for these products is characterised by the diversity of solutions so they can be used in an individual development, as well as elements integrated with aluminium facades or roof glazed panels.

Smoke exhaust structures can be based on window systems such as MB-59S, MB59S-Casement, MB-60, MB-60US, MB-70, MB-70US, MB-86, MB-86US, and
on the dedicated solutions for façades, such as tilt windows (MB-SR50N OW) and skylights (SR50N MB-RW). There are various options of windows opening –
side hinged or tilted inward or outward (top/bottom) as well as the dormers used with tilted façades or with skylights. Smoke exhaust and ventilation system is
completed by the aerating windows or doors.